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Is koga kuchiki really good?
Or is Yhwach much better?

I'm in doubt who to pick up in ubp
my team, zamp kazeshini and vip1

Bindus Publish time 2019-4-14 04:05:56

yhwach is better overall and hits harder thatn koga my friend. The only thing pro to koga is his speed and cc over the support. Beside that we dont know if yhwach will show up again in ubp, which for ur team is better to get him, than keep using yama

SolKnight Publish time 2019-4-14 04:20:21

Get koga.
We do not know when yhwach will come again and even then koga is a P solid assaulter and better than your current line up so its not a waste and you will later aim for muken either way.

btw:Yhwach is much better than koga all around since vs supports he does not need to control them he just is strong enough to KO them even speed wise there overall about the same the only problem there is yhwach needs oetsu for the speed bond to match.

Bindus Publish time 2019-4-14 05:54:47

looking at  your team now my friend, your main concern should be, replacing ur supp and vanguard plus getting a decent zamp, such as tensa or katen from UBP.

tatan.nurahman2 Publish time 2019-4-14 06:04:43

how can you get 1.6 m on kyoraku bro?

Bindus Publish time 2019-4-14 09:12:09

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i had 1.5 mil bp on shunsui ex lv 30 due to heavely upg his gear, mods (got for free granz on christmass and aprils fool event), jades and other stuff. plus his speed bonds are easy to do. So until u have Hiki, shunsui is ur best friend

josecho83 Publish time 2019-4-14 09:14:40

Will be Koga in this UBP?

Alensin Publish time 2019-4-14 09:48:13

josecho83 replied at 2019-4-14 09:14 static/image/common/back.gif
Will be Koga in this UBP?


efotia94 Publish time 2019-4-14 10:08:54

I wont get him, its better to wait for yhwach instead of wasting time and resource on an assaulter which will be replaced later.

KuroKimiko Publish time 2019-4-14 11:10:19

who knows if Yhwach will come back haha
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