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Bug with clearing Conquest of might areas

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I have spent a month clearing and failing this one mob. I have met all of the required conditions to pass it. Yet it still fails me. I have tried so many combinations of clearing it I have lost count,Zan, Char's, Skills and such. I still fail.

Now I am well aware of the problem has been around for a very long time, though is there a way to pass these "glitched" mobs or maybe false information to clear it successfully?
I have spent too much time clearing normal and have the battle power and abilties to get past even Nightmare,except this prema stuck mob.

I will provide the battle reports

Now as you can see all I have to have to win is 2 partners survive,while having a female survive. Easiest way is having two female chars other then my main survive.
For the second main part is have the assisting hero do minimal 1 damage to pass this stage. Yet I still am "unpassed".

This has happened to me on occassion on other mobs in other stages before.

Am I doing something wrong?

theunknown404 Publish time 2019-5-5 19:51:32

This is not really a bug. It is a mistranslation. Your main character(?) and Byakuya have to do damage, at least 30% of the damage being done by Byakuya. I could be remembering the exact amount incorrectly. Not sure if main character needs to do any damage, though.

Here is a good thread to refer to for CoM: http://forums.gogames.me/thread-32356-1-1.html
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