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The 1st, 3rd and 5th round attack all enemies, growth rate is 21% (own side's attack power total). Recover ally Vanguard 20% of Max HP. Cast on allies Assaulters, during the period, they are immune to any damage and debuff, and it cannot be cleared for 2 rounds. Increase allies Supporters 100% defence for 2 rounds.

Reiatsu Bonus Unknown for now.

Fortify Bonus:

Tavern Urahara - 10/15/20% Max Hp
Bankai Urahara - 5/15% Speed
Yammy Llargo - 15% Max HP
Sternritter Uryu - 15% Attack
Blood War Byakuya - 15% Speed

Devvoke2 Publish time 2019-5-21 12:11:24

drekrocks19@gmail.com Publish time 2019-5-21 12:17:08

20% damage for support .... yikes...lolzz

theunknown404 Publish time 2019-5-21 14:32:19

Devvoke2 replied at 2019-5-21 12:11 static/image/common/back.gif
looks weak

Supporters are fuffed for now.

Asfaras Publish time 2019-5-21 14:44:14

Any ETA for this? Hopefully for Dragon Boat Festival :)

badbone Publish time 2019-5-21 16:44:43

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Assauters are immune to any dmg and debuff now thats
kinda unrealistic
Devs : we created zanpakuto with 100 aid for assauter and they still die ...... Lets just make them immune to any kind of dmg and make them untouchable to the next zanpakuto skill
....... oh wait it will be over before that . Its fine !

badbone Publish time 2019-5-21 16:59:46

They should rework bankai yamamoto burn enemy partners and zanpakutos ignore everything .

labearla Publish time 2019-5-21 17:05:19

Edited by labearla at 2019-5-21 17:24

Vanguard gets 40% DMG now as well, that's pretty cool. BWB going to be to fast probably with that 15% Speed boost since he was pretty much the fastest partner anyway. I guess if you get 1st turn you win with this Zanpaktou if the enemy don't own it. 2 Rounds of immunity on Muken is 200% attack with his mod. Also could use Ichibe death mod with no gear for 2 rounds of 100% attack as well. BWB also gives 50% attack just from attacking, even if you drain the Fury. Assasulter won't even need speed or def at this point, better off to run a 4/2 Piece build for more DMG. Run BWB with as much speed as possible to go first and you'll never lose a battle that doesn't have this Zanpaktou. Back to 10MBP beating 30MBP game play with this garbage.

LadyKyojin Publish time 2019-5-21 18:00:47

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great time to top up again:lol ive got $400 to spare as always

15mdr02 Publish time 2019-5-21 22:29:34

Any idea if almighty will work in Void?
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