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Events 03.06.19

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Fightreport for new Icon

Bindus Publish time 2019-6-2 11:50:48

thx for the info:victory::victory::victory:

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How  many gold Benihime?

theunknown404 Publish time 2019-6-2 13:24:35

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How  many gold Benihime?

I wonder

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How  many gold Benihime?

Either buy directly for 50k gold and get 50k points (since 1 gold spent = 1 pts) to spend in the shop.


Maximize the morale before each boat racing two times a day for 8 days, it costs a total of 3200 gold to maximize but you get a rebate of 800 coins, that's 4000pts for every 3200 gold.
At the end you will spend 48k gold for 60k points so you have enough to fetch her from the shop.

The difference is that the first option you can buy two characters at the price of one (or Benihime and few goodies) and the second is you're forced to get the goodies (from the racing) for her and not able to buy two characters.

Of course it's the info from the last or two years, the price of 48k gold may have changed and the goodies cuz it's fucking gaygames.

antijubei Publish time 2019-6-2 13:53:17

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Fightreport for new  ...

does the buff also give immunity against FBI's and Yammy's dmg reflect?

theunknown404 Publish time 2019-6-2 14:20:44

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does the buff also give immunity against FBI's and Yammy's dmg reflect?

We don't know yet. It would make sense if it didn't, but it would also make sense if it did.

antijubei Publish time 2019-6-2 14:35:06

well guess we'll find out in 3hours then :victory::lol
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