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Toshiro Vanguard Build

Hey guys im currently level 73 and i have toshiro and hyorinmaru zamp, and i want to know what to build on him (stones) and make him strong, and i want to know when to switch him with someone else!.
Thanks in advance!

KuroKimiko Publish time 2019-6-29 13:49:34

i think if  u want him to be ur dps then he need some phi/kido stones i don't know what type is he and agility break def, hit and good gear. ohm i think whenever u can obtain a yellow partner in tavern like Starrk he is pretty nice and u can upgrade him to red

15mdr02 Publish time 2019-6-29 17:44:55 are gonna want to work with his skill set and what he has got as much as possible.  
Unfortunately, his talent is an agility talent which doesn't synergize well with zanpakuto speed bonuses so you will not worry too much about that. That being said, his zanpakuto fortify bonus of a defense increase as well as the kido/physical/health increases from fortifies will set defensive capabilities. (he has a defensive bond as well)
For a defensive build: Strength, Wisdom, Stamina, block, and Counter stones

If you desire to pack a little more punch: your best options is to amp up the block.  His skill isn't a high damage skill and his place as a vanguard doesn't help his damage rate without RJ or Benihime. His skill does decrease their break defense rate which can help you with the block ramping. (utilizing the crit bond will be important since you get 0% crit from evolution and you need to get 100% crit rate)
For an offensive build: Add critical stones and swap out non-block modifications

Toshiro has some weird schematics to him that seem more offensive but I think he stands more as a defensive vanguard.  He does have another mod that gives him a chance for invincibility when being attacked which can be nice but you gotta have everything you need.  I think he can be a fun vanguard for awhile but keep in mind he is a Yellow character and his growth will be limited as such. It is easier to get Red hogu at this point over tier 11 hogu which means his Strength, Wisdom, and Stamina are going to come primary from accessories which are limited by level.  Without good boosters like good accessories and good hogu (equipment set bonuses as well), spirit stones are severely reduced in effectiveness. When thinking about another vanguard, accessing a Red vanguard either through the tavern system or UBP will probably be better end game Publish time 2019-6-30 13:07:13

Thanks guys for your tips I will keep all on mind and I think I will switch him with stark or h ichigo and turn them red
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