Healing Publish time 2019-8-17 03:46:13

About shy nemu bond

Hi there everyone, I just want to ask about Shy Nemu's bond.
How do you unlock the bond of Yachiru?

I'm sorry if there's an existing thread about this, too lazy to do searching :D

wennbar Publish time 2019-8-17 03:59:39

I think your Nemu cant do more than 50% dmg. Or her health must be lower than 50% of team health. Cant remember which one even though I did it earlier today :D

rugalb666 Publish time 2019-8-17 04:12:37

Edited by rugalb666 at 2019-8-17 10:16

Have your formation like this : Only Main and shy nemu, no zanpakuto, do it asap when shy is still low level, put no equipement on her so she takes damage and it should be fine ( condition is health below 50%)As a side note you can and you should do all of her bonds with this formation
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