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Offline Event [18/08/19]

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Hello everyone!

We are back at it again with more offline events! Congrats for those who won in the previous event.

This will be a 2 weeks long offline event.

We will be giving out 3 prizes ranked by 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 10 other participating rewards.

First Place will get:
- Bond Skill Fragments x 1000

Second Place will get:
- Bond Skill Fragments x 700

Third Place will get:
- Bond Skill Fragments x 400

4-13th Place will get:
- Bond Skill Fragments x 200 for Participation Reward.

All you have to do to participate in this event is register through this thread in the format of...


In-Game Name: RacecaR
Region and Server Number: US S123

(IMPORTANT - Please specify if you play on FB server or

All players will be selected through our randomize draw system. Ranking will NO LONGER be decided by the highest to lowest BP within the 13 lucky winners. Things will be randomize from now on, to be more fair to those with lower BP.

Deadline ends in Second Friday night of each rotation(23:59 EST-ish). Winners will be drawn on the following Sat/Sun.

I will provide a screenshot of draw result for legitimacy.

If you are CAUGHT violating the following, you will be blacklisted for Offline Event, which means, no more offline event for you.

1. Repeat Posting of your account. If you own more than 1 account, the maximum amount of accounts that you own can participate is limit to 2. Please register them in different posts. BUT ONLY REGISTER ONCE EVERY ROTATION.
2. Trash talking / trolling other players/mod/admin.
3. Post anything other than your info.

Don't give up just because you weren't picked. Just a reminder, you are required to re-register every rotation to participate!!

Since there are people with autism, that required explainations to all the things, mods are automatically enter, we do not need to register depends on the amount of people participating.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. This is just for registrations, no discussion here please.

1. Desolution @ US S583 - Double Entry
2. Sivern @ US S8, S327, S449, S532, S530 - 5 Entries. Childish action performed after knowing he was added to the blacklist, he purposely registered all his accounts on Offline Event.


[*]First Place: Asuka @ EU S518
[*]Second Place: No0b @ US S363
[*]Third Place: ThoseAreManB @ EU S558

[*]Participation Reward : Keet @ EU S661
[*]Participation Reward : Mori Aoki @ EU S72
[*]Participation Reward : Bernkastel @ US S230
[*]Participation Reward : Yatsu Rei @ US S48
[*]Participation Reward : Asada Yasu @ EU S327
[*]Participation Reward : PhoenixFerro @ US S84
[*]Participation Reward : seznax @ US S62
[*]Participation Reward : Honda Izumi @ EU S16
[*]Participation Reward : Kuroda Ryo @ EU S85
[*]Participation Reward : Hayase Masako @ EU S103

SS of draw:

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