Gianma Publish time 2019-8-21 08:18:47

Guild question

Hi guys! I wanted to know something. My actual guild is at level 15 therefore in guild camp I'm at level 15 too with the bonuses. If I make a guild of mine, would I lose every bonus I gained with this guild? And would I start at level 1? Thank you for your answers

rugalb666 Publish time 2019-8-21 08:25:06

You don't lose your personal bonus it is carried over, you will still be lv 15 only your new guild camp is starting over Publish time 2019-8-26 11:37:09

where is the guilds? ours disappeared

shadowfane Publish time 2019-8-26 11:38:48

yep no guild icon here either

Gianma Publish time 2019-8-26 11:45:03

Yes, mine disappeared too.

kenryo Publish time 2019-8-26 11:50:51

Same here guild is gone us s12 gogame platform

chris8888 Publish time 2019-8-26 12:48:35

all the guilds icons have taken off, so much for leveling it up anymore, haha
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