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Got 3 questions if u dont mind :)

1 ) is Askin still bugged? like block stuff....
2 ) additionally how does "avoid injury rate" work?
3 )  and does enchant skill like "psysic" transfer over? when u advance it?

Tx in advance :)

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3.  enchant skill do transfer when you  advance your equipement

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nothing comes to mind when u say block stuff so cant rly help with that:L
as for AIR its basically the counter to dmg rate which is the rate at which the final dmg is multiplied so if u have say 250% dmg rate that means ur final dmg will be multiplied by 2.5x so if u have say an assaulter that has 1.5m atk and ur enemy has 500k def ur assualter will deal 1m * 2.5 (without counting other factors like skill growth, fury excess , etc)
and AIR ( immune rate) is the exact opposite of dmg rate its the rate at which the overall dmg is reduced simply put if u have enuf AIR u will take no dmg:lol
am not sure how much AIR u need to take no dmg but i assume it has to be the same as the attacker's dmg rate or a little bit higher than it:shutup:

15mdr02 Publish time 2019-8-22 06:26:20

2) Avoid Injury Rate is the counterpart to Damage Rate.  If you have 100% damage rate and attack an enemy who has 60% avoid injury rate then you will have a multiplier of 0.4 in the damage calculations. There are some other posts that talk about damage calculations that you might take a look at but that's basically the gist of it.  If you ever get more avoid injury rate than someones damage rate you will not receive damage regardless of how high their attack is because that multiplier will reach 0.  If you have low avoid injury rate you are more susceptible to opponents who can crank up the damage rate (assuming their attack is higher than your defense)

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antijubei replied at 2019-8-22 06:21 static/image/common/back.gif
nothing comes to mind when u say block stuff so cant rly help with that
as for AIR its basically t ...

lol, I should have refreshed my web page :L

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ty for ur answers guys . i see so it was a bug early on.

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lol, I should have refreshed my web page

well atleast now he can be sure of the answers given:victory::lol
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