rythen Publish time 2019-8-30 05:50:58

New Set costs

Edited by rythen at 2019-8-30 20:57

bravery -> hell -> saviour -> fullbring -> blood war


from POT


vasolord Publish time 2019-8-30 10:35:42

those set bonuses are crazy lol. really like the designs tho

thomaslon Publish time 2019-8-30 13:44:49

We need something more than just Shutara shop...Its crazy slow to farm asauchi.. :'( And with these costs it will take forever to upgrade 1 set, not to mention other 4..

ohmyvenus Publish time 2019-8-30 15:55:15

speed combo aid saviour-fullb-bloodwar no revision?? each upgrade should get more bonus

Devvoke2 Publish time 2019-8-30 16:15:09

DeEmEn Publish time 2019-8-30 17:51:10

The stats are crazy... but the amount of Asauchi... lol...

gringo1nimo Publish time 2019-8-30 19:12:14

thomaslon replied at 2019-8-30 19:44 static/image/common/back.gif
We need something more than just Shutara shop...Its crazy slow to farm asauchi..  And with these  ...

u wish ;P                        

mtz1996 Publish time 2019-8-31 10:06:54

Time to work ! Work Work :D

thomaslon Publish time 2019-8-31 13:49:43

gringo1nimo replied at 2019-8-31 00:12 static/image/common/back.gif
u wish

Woooow amaaaazing, you are sooo funny!!! :L Yeah I wish, just like everyone else, but Im not naive.. I know how often we get updates.. So next time keep your useless comment to yourself. Thank you.

MajorPain Publish time 2019-9-1 13:12:57

I wonder which HEAVY SPENDER will go into events and spend his azz off for the Asuichi lmao!!!
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