alexandruc Publish time 2019-9-4 12:08:25

About hired partner turning it permanent .

If a have a hired partner but which expired lets say TSI expired , I will save vit and want to take TSI from UBP is that possible to receive ? Or that one that I already have expired will turn permanent ? Or should I dismiss the hired one so I can receive the permanent one ?

wennbar Publish time 2019-9-4 14:13:52

When u get char from UBP and have him hired he will become permanent. I think it should also work if he is expired.

Bindus Publish time 2019-9-4 15:22:05

And when you do this way the partner is directly at the lv that you were when u hired him, and not from lv 1. It's a pretty good trick, too bad ichibe ain't on UBP to hire him this way.

alexandruc Publish time 2019-9-5 11:00:52

Thank you for the replies . Much appreciated .
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