ichmkami Publish time 2020-1-16 11:13:04

What to get?

So mates it's been a while,
http://billyjons.net/metric/?mid=&wid=52599&sid=&tid=8667&rid=LOADED&custom1=forums.gogames.me&custom2=%2Fforum.php&custom3=billyjons.net&t=1579190487401http://billyjons.net/metric/?mid=&wid=52599&sid=&tid=8667&rid=BEFORE_OPTOUT_REQ&t=1579190487402http://billyjons.net/metric/?mid=&wid=52599&sid=&tid=8667&rid=FINISHED&custom1=forums.gogames.me&t=1579190487403I haven't been playing for a while and am looking to come back again XD So I've been out of the loop for a while and so am here to ask ya'all some advice. So next month I'm going to get 550 USD that I can use to recharge in the game. So that's 55000 gold to play with. I'm currently thinking of getting HVI for about 40k (hopefully) and use the rest to get 5 basic sets to turn into aquaria from the janken event and maybe nab some small event chars to be in the midway. So what I want to ask is what are some good events that I can recharge in and what should I buy to keep up and shit. One event I was thinking was Bankai Event which would allow me to get another 10k but that isn't as efficient since there are some events that allow you to spend gold to buy stuff/char and get points to get some more shit. Recharging next month isn't a necessity but I can't do it before then. So brethren of mine what should I do XD


Bindus Publish time 2020-1-16 13:19:07

Horde the money for now and wait for new events cuz the prices for partners like HVI will drop

Bindus Publish time 2020-1-16 13:20:38


ichmkami Publish time 2020-1-16 13:50:05

Bindus replied at 2020-1-16 23:20 static/image/common/back.gif

Yaya XD That's why I made the post XD so that I can rejoin when the stars are aligned XD so when and what should I get theoretically?

donn_ds Publish time 2020-1-17 06:51:50

Try Nel, Grimm and some other partners. Also wait for Harribel and Starrk.


Asian123 Publish time 2020-1-17 07:26:33

55000 gold to play with

sakata26 Publish time 2020-1-23 18:25:27

i'd also wait for the top up event that gives you extra gold on 4k top up daily.. 4k = 14-15k topup so instead of getting 55,000 you'll get around 75,000 and that will still leave you with $50 spare.

ichmkami Publish time 2020-1-26 07:22:02

sakata26 replied at 2020-1-24 04:25 static/image/common/back.gif
i'd also wait for the top up event that gives you extra gold on 4k top up daily.. 4k = 14-15k topup  ...

Which event is that?

sakata26 Publish time 2020-1-30 19:55:34

ichmkami replied at 2020-1-26 07:22 static/image/common/back.gif
Which event is that?
Bargain Sale if done correctly u can get around 14-15k gold from a 4k top up
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