kargin01@gmail.com Publish time 2020-9-11 18:33:06

US Server 648 not loading in chrome or IE

Whenever I try to load on the US Server that has my other character on it it won't load in Chrome or IE. Sometimes it fails to initialize, or slow to initialize and when it does initialize, it stops at 97% in the loading screen with Hime, Soifon and Nanao on it. Is there an issue with the US server's only, cause I have 0 issues on the EU server. It loads right fast. Just the US server.

kargin01@gmail.com Publish time 2020-9-14 12:17:44

Don't worry about it now, it seems to have fixed itself over the weekend.... But I would like compensation for the server not working for the day, if you can do something like that. But if not, then that's fine.

raiedecha Publish time 2020-9-15 16:36:33

It was a problem with you not the server im on that server and it hasnt gone down at all xd

DeEmEn Publish time 2020-9-15 19:35:09

should be fixed.
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