Lokain2 Publish time 2015-4-10 12:07:34

Missing events with top up

I have top up 2000 of gold.. but with puzzle event only get 400 points. But in accumulative top up it showed well. And kon treasure box appear me like event already ended.

What's wrong? anyone has the same problem?.

Thanks for your help

BurakCinar Publish time 2015-4-10 12:20:32

you need to top up 8k to get the kenpachi title.

Lokain2 Publish time 2015-4-10 12:29:52


It says that 1point = 1 gold. You need 2500 points, so 2500 of  gold. I have top up after 2000 gold, 400 gold and it load right. But when i had top up 2000 it only give me 400 points.

You dont need 8k gold for kenpachi

BurakCinar Publish time 2015-4-10 12:42:24

each puzzle piece takes individual amount of points, so 100+200+300+400+600+900+1100+1900+2500= 8000 top up.

Lokain2 Publish time 2015-4-10 12:48:24

really? i get it once with 2500 only

Lokain2 Publish time 2015-4-10 12:55:40

you're right. Thanks for your help. Bye
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