Abby035 Publish time 2015-4-28 05:55:16

unable to top up

payment wall is not working

Abby035 Publish time 2015-4-28 09:21:15

I receive this
The application is currently pending.

The application and website is currently under review for approval. The owner can check the status of their application by logging directly into the merchant area and checking the Status column of the Applications section. Publish time 2015-4-29 06:57:55

Im having the same Problem .... already missed good things fromt he top up event .. someone pls look into it asap..!

Rosario89 Publish time 2015-4-29 15:17:57

Im having same problem, we're missing out on stuff here!!!:curse:

loginass333 Publish time 2015-4-29 18:33:28

i also have the same problem!!! please do something about it i wanna top up!!

sch0larbo1 Publish time 2015-4-29 18:35:54

WOW! what the hell is going on here??cant top up T.T!  u dont want our money gogames?? tragic..

Rosario89 Publish time 2015-4-29 20:00:36

SOO Many people rely on that method to buy gold. You THINK you would get it set back up ASAP so people can keep spending. :@ Publish time 2015-4-29 20:13:43

This is so annoying.. :shutup:

SosaRey Publish time 2015-4-30 12:33:57

Same here.  Problem is I only top up during reio guardian and I only use payment wall.  I'm 600 gold away from vip 4, and I fear that reio guardian won't return in a long while.  Couldn't they postpone this check up like in one week?  I only need to top 4 times in reio guardian to get vip 4 and get fury stones .  That's all.  From there they could glitch all they want cause I'm not topping again.

Please fix this. Publish time 2015-4-30 15:17:44

Why isnt this getting fixxed ffs..!! today is the 4th day already :@
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