Dotiie Publish time 2015-4-30 12:13:54

didn't receive my gold

hi, i usually buy 400 gold,and I usually pay 9,... euro (changes frequently) with a 10 euro paysafecard and i save the rest to make a 5 euro paysafecard, but today i donated 400 gold, and i had enough to make a 5 euro paysafecard, the 400 gold donation went really good, but the 5 euro, i didn't receive yet, i know is only 5 euros but it is 200 gold and i can have 1 more chance in gold wheel event.
I hope you understood my problem and you can fix it before gold wheel event end.
Ty for your time.

(sry for my bad english :s)

SosaRey Publish time 2015-4-30 12:20:03

Do you use payment wall to pay?  I can't even top up in payment wall.  It says that it is under review and that I can check the progress later.  A white screen with that message appears.  Its frustrating because I already bought like 25$ worth of cards to top up but now I can't because the payment method says it's under review.  

Such bad luck, and it had to happen during reio guardian.

SosaRey Publish time 2015-4-30 12:21:42

This is the message that appears when i choose paymentwall to top up.

The application is currently pending.

The application and website is currently under review for approval. The owner can check the status of their application by logging directly into the merchant area and checking the Status column of the Applications section.

Dotiie Publish time 2015-4-30 12:31:32

no, i used gate2shop
there is a paysafecard option
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