Ragnos Publish time 2015-5-6 10:21:10

(That grammar is superb) Okay what you are saying is that you are the #1 contributor and the leader has not logged in for 6 days and the leadership has yet to pas to you?

stelios_kiratzoulis@hotmail.gr Publish time 2015-5-6 10:21:26

Guild faction problems

Character name : Tr3l0s   Server:141 EU  Fanction : Quincy    i am in a guild and my leader has to log in more than 6 days and leadership has not to me as supposed to be cause i am 1st at contribution points pls i need a solution cause i have invest in events on these guild and i need the chest. i  am waiting for your reply. thank you

stelios_kiratzoulis@hotmail.gr Publish time 2015-5-6 10:36:41

yeap i am not leader :P and about my grammar forgive me but i am greek :P

stelios_kiratzoulis@hotmail.gr Publish time 2015-5-6 11:36:32

can u fix this or what?? pls reply   and now i saw that i missed some words in the first post but excuse me cause i am working :P

insignio Publish time 2015-5-6 13:29:34

You will get it eventually probably.

stelios_kiratzoulis@hotmail.gr Publish time 2015-5-7 03:34:13

problem fixed i think the delay caused because of the event with the guilds . anyway thank u
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