Shady08 Publish time 2015-7-4 14:18:52

Disconection problems

Latley...for like last 2-3 days i started to get disconect very every 2 mins i disconect.Was thinking is my net...i checked,all other tabs,windows,games work good.Only problem is GoGames.I get this problem on all...FireFox,Chrome,Torch,I.E. and only with GoGames.I lose here tons of cash,coupons,exp and so on daily....
Any Suggestions?

DamianNightRhode Publish time 2015-8-5 19:14:47

same here i've been getting disconnected like 10 times in a span of 4 mins & it's pissing me off big time Publish time 2015-8-5 19:17:55

This game has a safety switch.. when someone tries to hack into the servers

the entire server gets Dc'd

Not for sure how it works but its just something i been hearing a lot lately

Chingensai Publish time 2015-8-10 11:03:28

It is possible that are trying to steal the account. I would have done and starting disconnections, and that's that someone is connecting while your.

GamingUnleashed Publish time 2016-11-3 11:39:32

is this something still happening >
because I am getting constant dropouts minutes between , but no one else onmy server seems to be experiencing

and I can not find any fault with my connection >? Publish time 2016-11-4 08:02:34

i don't know what's happening but my server US S178 i cant log in to but i started a new one in a different server and it works fine
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