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Bonds, have "Ichigo Kurosaki join battle"

So how does this one actually work?

I know how the bond system works and I'm able to bond on my other partners, but I do not understand how to get the gold Ichigo bond on main character. (+1750 atk)
Does anyone know if this is possible and if so, how? Publish time 2015-8-8 09:24:16

LOl I'm asking the same question, when you put him in formation and go to look for the bond skill it vanishes but when he's not in formation it's there. Publish time 2015-8-8 09:27:12

just go extra formation setting , put ur ichigo there , and u will get ur +1750 attack attributes. :) Publish time 2015-8-8 09:55:21

Wait Twixcard I think were looking at it wrong. if your using Gold Ichigo it might not be that ichigo, if you go to Modify partners, click  the Events tab then click the arrow until your at 6/13 There is a second Ichigo Kurosaki.

grimmjowpantera Publish time 2015-8-8 10:00:29 replied at 2015-8-8 09:55 static/image/common/back.gif
Wait Twixcard I think were looking at it wrong. if your using Gold Ichigo it might not be that ichig ...

im going to guess the second ichigo is a bug. shouldn't be there. Publish time 2016-1-4 16:19:13

Ok,  I have Beaten the Sixth Stage  Six stars, You have to have a Male supporter because the requirements is to win with 4 male partners (excluding main.) Now according to Yoruichi Shihoin,  You need to beat Stage six (6) with three stars, AND Remaining HP is no more than 25% after ( cuts off there so I'm assuming it says battle afterwards)

I just beat Stags Six with Three stars,   And also I would like to point out that I SUCK  At Percentages ( i came out of my Intro to Algebra and Trig class skating on my teeth with a C -)    Does this mean that I have to have my people all at half, no wait wouldn't that be 50%  no that would be for individual not total. GAHH!!! >_<*

ALSO NOTICE that  For Our mains  There is a bonding skill requiring a GOLD NAME/Gold Character Ichigo Kurosaki.  All it requires is that Ichigo Joins battle.  My Gold Ichigo has always been in my party and still is, and His Bond skill for my main, Does not activate.. WTF?!
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