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Conquest of might guide: Hard lvl

As said yesterday here is the guide for the hard lvl explained, hope to see post or see another person doing it for nightmare.

picture n commenet will follow shortly:

As everyone knows the principle is clear u choose one difficulty lvl (here hard) and u clear instances, according to the conditions n obligations the full clearence of this instance give 150 soul of conquest. 75 at first n 75 more via mail when u clear the map as show in here:

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Here are the conditions to clear fights;

the first fights are pretty much easy n the conditions as well

1. Wabisuke : to win use ur main skill 10 a supporter ( female) n ur vg, u have to win with 3 charcaters max.

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Tobiume and haneko are very easy u can go with ur full tema np

4. gegetsuburi: here u mast use a 1 3 1 or a 2 3 0 team to complete the requirement,

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5 . kujaku, either way u need to disable ur zanpakto;

if u use a t1 main put a useless sup, and u got it ; if not make sure ur vg has its belt n throw all the other gear

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6. suzume is easy u have ur regulare team go for it,

7. tegen is also easy only one difference u fight with 3 partners only

8 . hozukimaru; again need a female supporter and a 3 1 1 team support

9. zabimaru: use ure team at full reactivate zanpakto n use skill 9 on main or anything else avoid skill 10

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10. zangetsu ossan:

avoid all other assaulters use one sup (or not ) disable ur zanpakto n use skill 10

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11. sogyo; u can use the same team u used to defeat zangetsu

12. sode no shira : need a 1 3 1 team again

13. senbonsakura: use full team with 2 male partners + main.

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14 . Hyorinmaru: one of those who gives the most headache

1. use 4 partners.
2. ur main need to avoid skill 10
3. all ishin users just throw it from ur team n use another partner
4. ur vg need to deal a min dmg, to do that throw all gear n leave belt

these are the stats after battle who gives u soul material

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15. tensa

1 use main skill 9
2 . use another asaulter
3. vg full gear n no zanpakto
4. no supporters

battle stats follows:

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Here are the key points i found to clear this hope it could help plz share ur thoughts n alternative solutions i use a t1 ura n ishin so it's not the only way to clear this map.
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