Axzel98 Publish time 2014-9-14 23:19:14

Account Reset

Dear Bleach Online,          My account was reset Today September 15, 2014. I have no Idea why but all of my hard work for leveling it up to lvl 41 was wasted and it was reset to lvl 1 which is frustrating please help.

shadowsoulblade Publish time 2014-9-18 20:44:37

ya i have the same issue this is making me mad

RiceDiggerDM Publish time 2016-8-17 18:16:51

same happened to me Publish time 2016-9-7 17:10:53

Edited by at 2016-9-7 16:26

Same to me :( I'm kind of sad... Goodbye lvl 40...:(:(:(
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