xHolter96 Publish time 2015-11-25 07:55:30

Offgamers Checkout Bug

Hello guys
As you know right now there is the Ultra Hero + Super Gold Wheel + Bleach Gift combo going on and I planed to top up 2000 in 2 separate days, so 1000 yesterday and 1000 today.
So I chose to top up using the offgamers thing as they have cheaper euro-dollar conversion.
I toped up 200g(5 dollars) at first to test if everything would go smooth and it went.
Then I toped up the other 600 (20 dollars) and at the end I got a "Checkout error" or something allong those lines and right bellow a text advising me to make sure I clicked the right address and stuff like that and go back to try again ( I'm not 100% sure that was what it was written as it was yesterday and I didnt do a print screen of the error). I did so. I went through all the payment options things and the Visa card info, and again, I got the same error.
It was then that I noticed a little mark with a number on it on the top of the page on "MyOffGamers" button. I clicked and checked my payments, and there were 2 top ups of 20 dollars each in "Verifying" state. I concluded right away that the error was just a visual thing and that the actual payments where being processed. Without losing time I pressed the cancel option on the last 20 dollar top up as I didnt want to get it, only in the next day(today), and succeded. I checked my e-mail and got the confirmation that it was being canceled (it was a relief).
After this I went back to the game and noticed that the top up wasnt canceled and I had gotten more 800g -.-. I contacted offgamers support, warned them about the bug, and they said this:
"We do received your cancellation request but after the order is completed. Since it is direct top-up and deliver the gold direct into your game account, we are unable to rollback the order.

We will forward your feedback to the respective department so we can improve our service in the future. We are truly sorry for the inconvenience caused "

At this point I knew I couldnt get my money back so I rushed to gogames support and explained the sittuation by e-mail asking them to, if possible, take back the 800g and delete the rewards I got from it and only giving me them on the next day(today) so I could get 2000g spread evenly through out these 2 days. I'm still waiting for a reply on them so I came here to the forum to leave this kind of testimony hoping that some1 that went through a simillar thing would tell me if the server manager can indeed change the top up dates and stuff in order to get the 1000g prizes today as I have toped up, today, already 200g and I need the 800g from yesterday. Also it may be possible that some moderator sees this and gives me a concrete answer since I didnt use any of the prizes I've gotten from toping up since yesterday.
Sorry for the long text I hope you guys understand, feel free to ask any questions.

Server: EU 224

AssassinwithRPG Publish time 2015-11-25 07:59:26

Check your bank account, if the money has been deducted. If not? Whats your problem? :P Free gold, if yes then you have to go through off-gamers. As the support here is non-existent.
Sorry to tell you this.
Also if money has't been deducted, it could result in a ban for you. So just be aware.

criminal238 Publish time 2015-11-25 08:29:33

Well you have done the right hings by telling them about it so I doubt that they will ban you, but I don't see you getting your money back.

xHolter96 Publish time 2015-11-25 09:05:00

Well I believe they took the money since the offgamers guys didnt say anything regarding that.
As I said I'm no longer interested in geting my money back since I got what I payed for, the problem is I didnt get the prizes today because of the system had that flaw. All I am asking is for them to get me at least todays prizes like Bleach Gift things and the Gold Wheel spins, thats what I was going for besides Toshiro.
Thanks for your reply.
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