Publish time 2014-10-21 11:17:45

The 16th of September I tried to buy 400 golds, it gave me an error and i tried again, and it gave me another error, so I skipped trying, I entered the game and I recieved the first 400 golds, but as I suspected 2 charges where done in my account. I spoke to both G2G and Gogame support and they told me that the first charge was correct but the second one was not charged that i'll recieve it in 7-15 days. 7-15 days later i contacted Gogame to know what was going on and they told me that the second try was also charged, that if y still want my money back or insted get the gold with some extra compensation for the delay, I answered that I could get the gold and the extra compensation...from that day till today they just haven't replied any more or given me the gold neither the money...what else can I do?, i hope some admins here can do something about it.

thanks in advance.

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