SosaRey Publish time 2016-1-21 14:28:07

Top up and Log in

People complaining can't log in this, can't log in that.  There's a thread or more than one saying what to do, how to go about this, but still they can't figure out.  There's a thread somewhere out ther that can help.  But that's not the important question

The important question I'm concerned right now is TODAY.  Today is 2nd reio guardian days and we all know what that means.  FURY STONES.  

So my main concern, has anybody topped up today, after they can't log in, they go in forums, login there, etc. When you log in there and manage to go into your server, HAS ANYBODY TOPPED AND DOES IT WORK TOPPING?

I don't want to risk topping up just to discover it doesn't recognize my top up due to the login error.  
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