coro69 Publish time 2016-2-13 08:28:42

How do I change the email address set to my account?

Edited by coro69 at 2016-2-13 08:34

So i'm having trouble changing my email address, it's not working properly for me and i need to know what to do.If theres another way to change emails please let me know
also i apologize for making this in the in-game bugs section i misclicked

AssassinwithRPG Publish time 2016-2-13 08:33:16

You can't noob.
-GoGames Official

coro69 Publish time 2016-2-13 08:37:46

AssassinwithRPG replied at 2016-2-13 08:33 static/image/common/back.gif
You can't noob.
-GoGames Official

well that sucks Publish time 2017-9-27 02:10:02

How do I verify my email then?

Chingensai Publish time 2018-7-12 12:01:11

HI. Actually i the same problem. I like change my contact/verify account e-mail and i canot. The application form still the same who show in the images. (a form for change password.If I try to change my mail from this, it show the message "email invalid address").

I try to contact Gogames sending a directly e-mail and explaining my problem and i hope that they help me.

Anyways i post also here and i hope they fix the form for change the e-mail easy way.


theunknown404 Publish time 2018-7-14 13:35:56

You probably want to avoid changing email with this game.
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