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Issue with Bond Gold Ichigo

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I have brought thi up to many but never thought to put it here. hopefully this will fix things.

NOTE: This is Page 1, since he is On my team, I have even had him in the Attribute Bonuse Slot.

(above)  is page 4 out of 7,  This is the EXACT SAME Ichigo Kurosaki.

A second issue about this character is when it comes to Main character Bond.

This Is A bond attribute for My main, When i have Ichigo Kurosaki In my party.   It does not activate whatsoever, it just jumps to the top of the list and stays like shown above.
I have tried putting him in the Bond attribute bonus slot. It does not make any difference.

I know there is only ONE  Ichigo Kurosaki  because of below.

This is Page one Of Events, Showing a Fully Modified Gold Ichigo Kurosaki.  I asked a similar  question about this modify issue, i was told by someone else
that this must be a bug because if we go to Page 6 of 17 We see the following Below

And With this, I rest My case.
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