griffon777 Publish time 2016-3-10 15:32:46

Should i get gin from honor shop and get kenpachi (vang) or the legendary shop?

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Hey people whats up? Like the title says i need your help to tell me what to do!!!
Right now i have 550 coupon for kenpachi and i have agent and got still 27 days so i can reset the map 2 times!
I have niel(but not upgrade) i have yamamoto but i need renji and ikakku from the honor shop!
So the think is that gin need 500 honor cards but ikakku need 300!
At the same time i wont kepachi i really need some info for this so can you give some info for this? Oh and vote too that would help very much :D:D:D!!!!

griffon777 Publish time 2016-3-10 16:23:24

I dont know if i miss and something else that i forgot to write but if i did tell me to respond to you!

alicantibet Publish time 2016-3-12 17:43:56

how much u have comrade contract?and which level are you?

griffon777 Publish time 2016-3-12 17:54:05

Well i'm 119lvl and i have 164 comrade contract!

criminal238 Publish time 2016-3-14 04:04:44

you will need to keep renewing shini agent for at least 6 months, 27 days will come no where near close to getting you shinso and Noza kenpachi.  Though I don't know how many contracts you have, but I am guessing it is not many.  My advice would be to go for kenpachi fragments and get shinso gin straight up from the honor shop since it is going to take you a while to get noza ken.  

griffon777 Publish time 2016-3-14 14:01:37

Yea i was hoping to keep the agent another one month but i wont because i dint know that the change card for the name need gold and not coupons :@:'(!

griffon777 Publish time 2016-3-14 14:02:13

And so i must top again and i dont want :P!
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