belial13 Publish time 2016-5-10 11:56:58

new player.lvl 70 tavern

Hello guys and thanks for your time in advance. i am lvl 68 atm and thinking for the new recruits at 70 tavern. my forrmation atm is kirinji,rukia,me,zabimaru renji and sophisticated rangiku with sogyo no katowori as zanpakuto. the question is should i w8 for lvl 80-90 tavern or try to replace rukia with yourichi? i am vip6 and 1st in arena and lvl in my server and i kill the 2nd guy with full hp.

crimsondeath12 Publish time 2016-5-10 13:52:37

it depends on what u want in game if u wt support stunner yourichi def is nice/helps in h souls but if u dont wt her best chars from 80 would be kisuke/ikkaku 4 pve with zabi renji would be nice until kenny at 90 or uryru at 110 if u dont wt to top up.

Suzuken Publish time 2016-5-10 13:57:55 -_-

undine Publish time 2016-5-11 08:04:54

I would take Mugetsu or Shini Kensei

belial13 Publish time 2016-5-11 10:04:24

tyvm !! i decided to w8 till 80 and take urahara
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