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Orihime Vs Nell

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Hello guys my formation his  1.3.1
With Starrk, Isshin T1, CSB Ken, and Urahara T1
This is my PVP 266xxxx BP and PVE team 257xxxx BP

I tried get Shinso but no more coupon for the moment, I got 92 comrade contract...

So whose girl is better for my team?

I don't play with speed so it's not importante, I play tanky with Hyorinmaru

But it's difficult to choose
One give dodge and less hit rate for ennemies and other give block and some more attack...

cachaFloja Publish time 2016-6-10 21:55:48

if you have cute orihime, sogyo is a must have? Publish time 2016-6-11 10:19:24

Yes, u can use D. Rukia too

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