victorybar13 Publish time 2016-5-27 13:36:47

Who is a better vanguard

Who is a better vanguard overall. Starkk or sexy rangiku?

ShadowConsortium Publish time 2016-5-27 14:58:50

Stark- doesn't cost gold makes him the best right there.

Never had the other so, I can compare to the two really. Publish time 2016-5-27 17:00:50

sexy rangiku since she is way stronger than stark  

and stark need high spirit stones

warlock8 Publish time 2016-5-27 17:20:14

you cant go wrong with rangiku. one of the best def in game, cant do much damage but helps more in pve maps.
stark need some work, evo-bond etc. in the end good dmg-hp and its free.
I would go with stark and use my gold at something else
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