Shadow49999 Publish time 2016-5-29 12:18:03

Wookie2 replied at 2016-5-29 12:15 static/image/common/back.gif
OW your yamamato is the only one left lol. Just wait until i get ulqiorra to fully evo and cute ori ...

lol yeah your ulq is great nice crit great hp it was definitely a worthy opponent  and yeah I'm trying to t1 yama but I want a pure t1 so itll take awhile

Wookie2 Publish time 2016-5-29 12:19:01

Shadow49999 Publish time 2016-5-29 12:21:37

Wookie2 replied at 2016-5-29 12:19 static/image/common/back.gif
Thanks i got him like last week. His crit is 109% and 273k attack

that's awesome my yamas crit is 113% and his attack is currently 245k i got him like 2 maybe 3 months ago its hard to remember lol
but yeah get his evo up i look forward to the challenge

Wookie2 Publish time 2016-5-29 16:16:22

Shadow49999 Publish time 2016-5-29 16:45:06

Wookie2 replied at 2016-5-29 16:16 static/image/common/back.gif
Hey i figured out how to do screenshot. I posted my res ulqiorra wanna see it? Go here
http://for ...

that's awesome I wanted res ulq but I'm not vip4 and shin ulq isn't that good but then yama came for free so I got him then stacked him

Wookie2 Publish time 2016-5-29 16:46:15

warlock8 Publish time 2016-5-29 16:59:40

omegastarr replied at 2016-5-29 11:24 static/image/common/back.gif
The problem is that I can't get shinso because eu298 where I play is a deserted place and noone goes ...

then there is not much choise left. get gamuza nel or stick with kisuke. I recomend nel because when you lvlup your yamamoto's ex skill lvl his speed will increse alot. at the movement kisuke only slows your yama down while nel can reach higher speeds without problem.

other reason for nel she work well with stark exlusive skill. buff not stacking but nel goes first so it makes sense
I got nel by the way

warlock8 Publish time 2016-5-29 17:13:45

I dont know how much gin cost but I belive its around 15-20k coupon. better save those and buy agility-fury from shop at visored event. you can close the speed gap between gin and nel that way.

Dante-Virgil Publish time 2016-5-30 07:20:12

Shadow i so wanna get yama because of your yama :P

omegastarr Publish time 2016-5-30 14:06:10

warlock8 replied at 2016-5-30 00:59 static/image/common/back.gif
then there is not much choise left. get gamuza nel or stick with kisuke. I recomend nel because wh ...

Thanks for the advice ! So nel it is.. Yama really is fast and I'm afraid he's going to be faster than kisuke at certain level. Also ubp is my other chance - a zanpakuto would be nice too
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