230247374 Publish time 2016-5-30 19:53:44

lost all

my characters i had zab renjii cute o. ikkaku and visored 2600 relshi at 4 for protect but now i have none of that help

230247374 Publish time 2016-5-30 20:02:10

loat all my stuff went from 621k power to 86k power

Wookie2 Publish time 2016-5-30 21:51:18

230247374 replied at 2016-5-30 20:02 static/image/common/back.gif
loat all my stuff went from 621k power to 86k power

how did that happen?

230247374 Publish time 2016-5-30 23:13:40

i think someone hacked into my game and did that i am pissed

I_MIKE_I Publish time 2016-6-1 00:57:38

nobody else happened to have your acc details did they? like a pilot or something?

Suzuken Publish time 2016-6-1 05:29:50

no point in complaining. nobody is going to do anything, the game doesn't have support so.
anyway sorry for your lost buddy.

Gensei_chan Publish time 2016-6-1 16:48:42

did you pick the right server number? (question may seem very stupid, but believe me, this happens really often due to the quantity of servers online)
according to your account description (guessing... lvl 80/85, F2P or low VIP?) i don't see why a "hacker" would ruin your game; it seems to be more like a shared account problem, which can't be solved.

anyway, feel free to give a try to claim to GG, that will cost you only time!!! ;)
unfortunately, since you will NEVER be able to prove you didn't sell by yourself or shared you account... GG will always reject this kind of claims.
(at least i NEVER heard about somebody having stuff or partner back)

so i sincerely wish you just picked the wrong server number, otherwise you may need to start again recruiting... :(


Wookie2 Publish time 2016-6-1 17:20:06

There's possiblities how you lost it

1) Picked the wrong server
2) Someone who lives with you might have log in and accidently sold them or something
3) Share someone your acc info mostly your roomate
4) Hacker hacks your acc is the last option if these three option does not apply
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