Charlie Publish time 2014-7-3 20:26:58

Customer Service and Bug Report

Dear Players,

If you are having any sort of in-game problems such as bugs or other issues, you canreport to us through the Forum ( )or email us at When you report the issue, please include the following information:
Character name:
Server Number:
1)     Login related problems
2)     In-game Bugs
3)     Payment problems
4)     VIP related problems
5)     Other problems
By including the above information, it will be much easier for us to solve theproblem. We will respond to you within 24 hours. Thank you.
Bleach Online Official Operating Team
July 7, 2013 Publish time 2014-7-18 11:05:19

hi can u help me im in s5 im lvl37 Ayase kenji all my item in backpack is gone after i relogin and i enter my cd key and the item is not there pls help ir pls..

Server Number: SERVER5
Character name: Ayase kenji

thanks ADVANCE

ronald_mejias Publish time 2014-7-20 17:30:47

hola cime pueden ayudar el nombre del personaje shiva tatsu lvl 36 y el problema es q no logro conectarme en el juego en ningún servidor se supone q tengo en 4 y 6 pero trato y trato pero no logro conectarme les agrade seria su ayuda

kranium Publish time 2014-7-23 00:03:25

to email is it: ?
or ?


Character name: LordDK
Server Number: S10
3)     Payment problems
4)     VIP related problems

PayPal Express Checkout Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID 60U695081A813050D)

Invoice ID:        
22 July 2014
10:55 SST

Paid $500 USD
Buy 20,000 Gold

But I did not receive any Gold and it has been more than 24hrs now.
I wanted one more VIP upgrade. But 2 days gone with no reply from forum or email. Publish time 2014-7-24 08:23:45

Character Name : bee04
Server : s3
Can't enter the game. . . stuck at black screen with kon icon. . . Already cleared cache many times changed browsers sitll can't enter the game pls help

kuzaiman08 Publish time 2014-7-24 12:57:13

hey..plz answer my question..why i can't play this server rightnow???

spider369 Publish time 2014-7-24 19:09:55

plsss help me.....
sone restart modem...
done restart my lappy...
bust same problem cant solve....pls help:(:'(

wanko7 Publish time 2014-7-24 19:20:07

spider369 replied at 2014-7-24 18:09 static/image/common/back.gif
plsss help me.....
sone restart modem...
done restart my lappy...

happened to me too..i miss Guild War event ect..
DNS change..modem restarted..Internet service Provider contacted..cant solve.. wen cyber cafe..still same problem..
im playing from IP blocked? happened for 2 days now~ T_T Publish time 2014-7-24 20:34:36

i cannot log in to game as well since yesterday (+8 GMT) im playing server 7 and all i see only Kon located bottom right side, and next up is correction time out.

PLEASE CHECK AND DO RESPOND BACK TO ALL PLAYERS! Publish time 2014-7-24 21:12:52

Dear players,

Since it's an open béta the game isn't perfect yet please have patience till the official support team gets ahead of the problem.
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