KezuraHanshiton Publish time 2016-6-8 21:06:53

I can't get to the screen.

So I have created my account since around this time last year. I have been signing in everyday I can to get items. I have been leveling up as best I can, however... Today I click on my bookmarked server and the entire screen is just black. I can't get in. I have someone competing with me for my spot in Arena and they're pretty damn close to beating me. I don't want to lose expierence a sign in day, I'm a bit irritated. Can I get some help?

meat0020 Publish time 2016-6-8 21:09:09

login through the site not on the bookmark

meat0020 Publish time 2016-6-8 21:11:45

there times that bookmark gets messy
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