kthula666 Publish time 2016-6-18 00:26:12

Game stops at Loading Resources 79%

I got the character Tessai Tsukabishi and my game is broken if I use him.

Any battle that loads stops at 79%.

Have tried opera, chrome, explorer, firefox no change.

Tried on three seperate computers again no change.

If I swap Tessai Tsukabishi for Shin Zabimaru as an example the fights will load and play like normal.

Help please,

kthula666 Publish time 2016-6-18 00:27:18

Forgot to say Server is 2329

kthula666 Publish time 2016-6-18 05:26:31

Logged in on another pc and tried ie, chrome, opera and firefox still the same.

Game locks at loading a battle 79%, sometime 82% and 89% but the timer always just stops.

I get credit for the battle but nothing can be seen yet if I use another character the game plays perfect.

please fix your problem.

Suzuken Publish time 2016-6-18 12:54:33

her breaks the battle reports. all the new characters do that -_- just wait few days til they fix it

angelucifer Publish time 2016-6-19 01:14:58

Cant Believe You Bothered Getting Him

Shadow49999 Publish time 2016-6-19 01:46:27

angelucifer replied at 2016-6-19 01:14 static/image/common/back.gif
Cant Believe You Bothered Getting Him

well seeing that he switched for shin zabimaru shows hes probably new
maybe just participating in ultimate charge and got him as a bonus
I know id rather use tessai than shin zabimaru

angelucifer Publish time 2016-6-19 02:04:14

Yeah Higher Stats And Combo For Support If You Know How To Set Your Chars Well He Sure Is Better But In Itself Id Prefer SenjuMaROOB By Far Of Course There Wont Be People Topping Up To Get TeSSOOB So Its A Good Time To Do SO

kthula666 Publish time 2016-6-21 07:23:56

Been a few days and still content stops.  This just destroys pvp combat as I have no idea what characters do and how I should affect combat.  Please Fix

kthula666 Publish time 2016-6-23 18:31:52

Still broken with no sight of any fix.

kthula666 Publish time 2016-6-30 20:52:19

Another week goes and no fix as any battle just stops around 80%.  Why put character in game if they break it? :(
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