DevilsNight Publish time 2016-6-30 20:51:35

US sever 366 ISSUES

Server shut down and did a reboot, everyone got booted offline for about 2 minutes. Guild War is not inaccessible, I registered at 7:03 server time (19:03) and now I can't Get into the war, since the reboot of the server. Says "Cannot Enter Guild War". So that's kinda sad, any compensation for me?

No one got points. No system message for the ending of guild war. It's definitely a server/game issue, not my personal system issue.

Along with not being able to do guildwar, you also cannot challenge partner's Cultivation Dojo stages that you BOUGHT from Black Market.

I have 3 challenges remaining, all the stages are avilable to do, and it says "Cannot challenge".

Hopefully Ryoka won't be down for us to do today.

Two glitches in-a-row, very sketchy server issues.

Additionally, the event Ultimate BP, is not recording crystals accurately and is kicking people off the list that have enough crystals to participate and be in the top 10. yet another severe glitch.

Cowardice Publish time 2016-7-13 16:04:21

I booted it offline.
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