RhoninX Publish time 2016-7-1 06:32:18

UBP ranking cleared?

The day the event started someone form my server got a little over 40 000 crystals and got the zampakuto, and the next day he dissapeared from ranking , along with almost everyone else. Then ranking fills up again (new ppl), and today everyone dissapears again, except for someone who was second in ranking the first day(and dissapeared). What the hell is going on? Is it just a glitch? Or maybe if u dont fight that day u dissapear from ranking and if u fight again u show up? Thast the only other explanation i could come up with...

DevilsNight Publish time 2016-7-1 06:39:33

Yep, I already issued a compliant in several topics about this happening for US S366. I had over 10,000 crystals, now it says I have less than 4k crystals, ON top of that I'm not on the ranking. Nor can I receive the chests. This Ultimate Battle event is completely screwed sideways.
P.S. I know this is a cross-server event. Just mentioning my server in-case admins look at this.

Cheeseforbrainz Publish time 2016-7-1 06:50:29

i had like 7 k crystals and today im no longer in ranking

rythen Publish time 2016-7-1 07:14:06

Thats probably caused by the server merge, try using 1 vitality and wait a few minutes for the list to refresh again, you should appear again on the list.

Cheeseforbrainz Publish time 2016-7-1 08:05:48

yea that worked, im back on the ranking and all my crystals are there. Thanks

RhoninX Publish time 2016-7-1 09:04:34

yep, same here, i was starting to panic lol had to refresh a couple of times but it showed up
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