EndLessLife Publish time 2016-7-8 05:15:33

Waited for whole day. still not yet fix

ID : DreaMeRz
Server : EU 323

can any admin pls respon to my post please? thanks.

AssassinwithRPG Publish time 2016-7-8 06:58:47

No, we can't.

Shadow49999 Publish time 2016-7-8 11:22:06

AssassinwithRPG replied at 2016-7-8 06:58 static/image/common/back.gif
No, we can't.

Better not fuck with him hes got an endless life
#The Niggas Immortal

Gensei_chan Publish time 2016-7-9 10:54:44

1 - "admin" are (is) not here to reply to questions / forum is a players' place
2 - don't make a new post referring to another one... if you have an unreplied question, just re-up your previous post is the best way / multiple posts may only make other users to be mad at you
3 - if you search in the forum, you will see your bug is known (since HMA has been implemented indeed)... nothing may be fixed then; so just be aware for next time
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