Publish time 2016-7-22 04:29:55

400 Bad Request

how can i fix this problem guys ??

BoRuiDa Publish time 2016-7-22 12:56:06

i have it too now ....

BoRuiDa Publish time 2016-7-22 12:57:27

seems like on eu server it doesn't work ... Publish time 2016-7-23 13:30:31

BoRuiDa replied at 2016-7-22 12:57 static/image/common/back.gif
seems like on eu server it doesn't work ...

Try deleting all your browser cookies and if it won't work try using vpn( i recommend hola extension for chrome)

Gensei_chan Publish time 2016-7-23 18:41:02

don't get me wrong, i have nothing against vpn or weird addons :p
but every time you'll encounter an "error 400", clearing cache & cookies should be more than enough... ;)
using "in-private navigation" (name may be different depending on browser), will also prevent this kind of error.
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