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(hueco mundo problem)

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i was playing hueco mundo i found some one lvl 102 alone without partners has 280k bp with reiastu so they put him in hueco but he ofcourse can kill me and he is using last skill and u give me people who are vip6+ but low lvl but their partners are strong fix this problem please cuz this is so insane :@

name in game:MShock
server:eu s339
current bp:243773
reiatsu lvl :36
arena rank:5
top 1 player bp :1.1m

Gensei_chan Publish time 2016-7-25 06:36:21

Opponents in HMA are directly related to your total BP - including partners outside current formation - without consideration of Level, VIP, Zanp, Partners...
first stages have lower BP, while last ones have higher than yours.

lots of players - not only newbies - are focussing on level and BP only to say if they are strong or not.
but as you're experiencing, formation (partners + zanp) means much more than these 2 criteria. you can sometimes face players having slightly lower level and BP, but yet they will kill your all team in 1 hit before your Zanp even had time to attack... that's also a good way to see some event partners in a real fight ;)

muhamed91 Publish time 2016-7-25 11:55:35

thank for help
but his total bp is higher than 1m and lvl 102 so they must fix this
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