Tarpenz Publish time 2016-7-25 19:28:39

Login game server

So i have now been trying to login for around 2 and a half hour  and im still getting stuck on the login to game server state where it stays for a Little time and then goes to Black screen.
i have search around the forum and the internet looking for a solution only to find out that alot of other players have had the same experince as me and the ONLY solution that seems to Work is to wait it out
which really sucks since im probably gonna miss out on guild wars, ryoka attack and the protect seireitei events

now i wont ask for anything like compensaition but if you would just use 2-3 hours to fix this problem it can't take so long to run a scanning of your login system to find the problem...
btw i got dc from the game and then this problem started.

This is the Things i have tryed so far to log back into the game:
clear cache, relog, other browsers, restart of my computer, different internet connections, and flushed my dns.
And nothing Worked
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