nurul23495 Publish time 2016-8-7 07:33:27

Instance bug

Nowadays, whenever i go to auto-battle i always got 99:99 on the ETA. I cant either resume or restart the instance. It looks like i dont get the materials especially the last rewards (materials for next level instance)
Sometimes, when i go auto-battle, the ETA is moving (decreasing) but i didnt get any rewards and when it finished, it doesnt count (i tried for several times then it was fixed).
If i got dc'ed before, when i refresh the screen, the auto-battle will resume automatically but now, there's no such things.
I lost my time, silver, xp and materials bcoz of this.Please fix this, i already almost lvl 75 and for a free to play player like me, the materials really matters more than anything especially on this stage


Fezzman Publish time 2016-8-11 02:19:52

I was wondering about the instance as well not sure if it changed a long time ago or recently but I used to get stones from older levels but not anymore.  I been trying to make a lvl 130 set as the spirit forged 130 is better than spirit forged 140 apparently.  Once I hit lvl 140 and kept fighting the 131-140 instance and says 130 stones in rewards section I actually get nothing but 140 stones.  Hope this is a bug or I gotta skip 130 armor or maybe reincarnate my main again.

nurul23495 Publish time 2016-8-11 20:23:18

spirit stone or soul stone?
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