PhilC71 Publish time 2016-8-12 02:48:04

US135 Fail to load after "Login Game Server" message

Unable to load game resources on US 135, has been down since server restart (midnight), have tried on multiple browsers, machines and accounts.

Screen has black background, but all links on bottom as well as Kons head. Poss login server down?

Also tried on mobile devices using Puffin borowser, same problem. "Login Game Server" then black background, links at bottom, Kon's head, no game load

rugalb666 Publish time 2016-8-12 02:57:20

Edited by rugalb666 at 2016-8-12 09:00

It's the same  on server  US 156, I can't connect at all since midnight  US time, it's not a client issue since server EU 1 works from my computer  for instance. Publish time 2016-8-12 03:53:53

Me too, I can't login in US38.

PhilC71 Publish time 2016-8-13 21:05:46

COmpensation? our CSB registration got erased as well.. so I'm thining they had to roll back data or something

nurul23495 Publish time 2016-8-14 04:52:10

Edited by nurul23495 at 2016-8-14 05:17

same w US379 been 3 days already,
start after i refresh to start new day after UBP ends
they really should've stop adding new servers and instead use the time and money to start fixing all of the bugs in this game

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