victorybar13 Publish time 2016-8-13 01:44:58

Red reishi?

What is it used for? Azien? Is it just there and unavailable to get until a future update. Will we be able to recruit red characters soon? I need answers.

bored4now Publish time 2016-8-13 02:38:57

It'll most likely be used to recruit new characters in a future update, since all reishi's beforehand were used for that (and exp cards) too. When that update happens, I have no idea.

criminal238 Publish time 2016-8-13 06:34:16

We have literally only found out what it is used for yesterday.  In the Chinese version of the game they have had an update where you can buy red reshi boxes for 150 gold reshi, the amount of red reshi you can get is 5-10, it's used for upgrading tavern partners only atm from gold to red.  There is two stages of upgrading, the first one costs 200 red reshi and second one costs 500.  The first stage increase the base stats and growth rates by half of the normal growth rates, stage two doubles them.

this link will give you more info on the updates
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