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worst mistake was getting orihime i never used her-kisuke is better redded and easier t1 anyway and with yama-redded tavern byakuya is still better so jst get stones or better yet exclusive for byakuya..and ur a Go..unless ur under lvl80 or f2p and get gold reishi really slow-then u can waste and gofor immediate validation..(yama)but if ur f2p u should be thinking longterm anyway right?

Melonraider321 Publish time 2017-10-16 20:57:35

I would go with either yama or the stones.
Yama is a great vip 4 and below PvP assaulter, but if ur over vip 4 then go with the stones, they can cost up to 7k gold for the lvl 12 stone
Ikkaku is a great substitute for yama, does just as well in PvP and is from tavern so u dont have to top up.
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