k4m1k4z3 Publish time 2016-8-22 05:00:23

Bugged reset exclusive skill

Edited by k4m1k4z3 at 2016-8-22 05:28

Hi I want to tell you and to last something on my account and lost all skill e exclusive bonus have all the characters to level 0 . Isshin Kurosaki buy root there and I resetearon all.
My account is: k4m1k4z3
Server: EU,174
No such claim that Bug or who to address . Thanks in advance

richard-morrison@comcast.net Publish time 2016-8-23 09:07:55

Edited by richard-morrison@comcast.net at 2016-8-23 09:33

All my exclusives reset as well.

Game went down for a bit and came up with my Skills correct.
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