elenixantom Publish time 2016-8-23 17:24:49

Who for Exclusive Skill

Hey guys

I just wonder how I am supposed to distribute the exclusive skills.. Should I concentrate just for 1 partner and level him as much as I can OR distribute the fragments among my team and have a balanced exclusive ?

Sorry for the question. It might be a bit complicated. Lemme explain like this :

Which is better ? (for example)

1. partner -->  lvl 0
2. partner --> lvl 0
3. partner -->lvl 0
4. partner ---> lvl 8
main --> lvl 0


1. partner -->  lvl3
2. partner --> lvl 3
3. partner -->lvl 3
4. partner ---> lvl 3
main --> lvl 3

hairytoilet Publish time 2016-8-23 23:09:17

Depends if you have a really good partner like hiki, senju, mugetsu etc. If you do, obviously focus on them, they have the highest growth rates and will benefit from exclusive the most. If not, than I suggest main, because you're stuck with him/her forever, or save up for a good partner.

elenixantom Publish time 2016-8-24 09:15:19

Thank you very much for your opinion

Double3 Publish time 2016-8-25 02:39:42

Also if someone's exclusive skill is OP,and you want it badly then you might as well concentrate on that one partener
which takes quite a long time to reach,not talking about 5 parteners at once

legoom Publish time 2016-8-25 08:56:04

save up your exclusive for shunsui kyraku at lvl80 tavran he is so good get him to lvl30 exclusive
thin save up for shinso gin

criminal238 Publish time 2016-8-25 10:04:30

I leveled up all of my partners bar Tavern Urahara to level 10, just to get the growth rate bonus and then focused mainly on Hiki who is at level 52 now.  I would recommend doing that, unless you are gong to be replacing one of the partners very soon then don't bother, which is why I am not leveling up Urahara.

tytheboy Publish time 2016-8-25 15:49:13

depending on your vip lvl f2p/ vip1-3: try and get yamamoto from soulcultivation he is the best char you can get for free (excluding the ubp) and ofc chars like shinso or w.ichi + maybe the cross server characters he is a must
higher vip's 4-7 at this point you obviously have a relly op char (0 squad sup that isnt kirinji or one of the new unohana,isane,nemu kind characters) they can be relly good with exclusive stacking and will win alot of fight for you

top vip's 8-10 just buy enough exclusive fragmetst to max out a char if you want to if not put them where you feel like it (there wil always be possible to get mor in an easy way
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