leonardoe Publish time 2016-8-26 10:14:33

Bug with Forge at level 159

once you have leveled to level 159 the forge will no longer load for me. i have tried 6 different browsers cleared the cache  it just  blacks out the armor area selection. and loading resources 100% is in the middle of the screen and it freezes. any one else having this issue or know a way to work around it? i have reincarnated down to level 157 and even after doing that it still will not load properly.

ohmyvenus Publish time 2016-8-26 12:32:24

normal for me

undine Publish time 2016-8-26 12:49:01

When you reach level 161 its Normal again.

solid_snake507@hotmail.com Publish time 2017-8-1 18:16:38

im on level 159 and every time i enter de game im with zero exp of 2136358918 lose all exp ive gain
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