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well. since they upgraded to ishin not work parther modify, inherit.
the parther 1000g told me spend more and you can use it. but I did not. and then try to delete it, did not allow me. then you much attempts finally delete it and after that I run the inherit but parther modify not. since 4 weeks ago me and does not load the page stays frozen all dark. Plis help me

LeoNx93 Publish time 2016-9-1 13:37:24

you really deleted isshin? LOL Publish time 2016-9-3 20:43:24

:@ before the upgrade had it for a day x3. and then I went bug and could not delete it or change it. others had 20 characters 20/20 and could add one more as if there ishin. delete it and some bug fix but it still can use modify parther :'(

UchihaPapi Publish time 2016-9-3 20:49:47

rip rip rip rip

kyawnay Publish time 2016-9-4 00:58:02

Fix the facebook server!!! CAN'T MODIFY SHIT!!!
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