kazuto19 Publish time 2016-9-3 08:30:08

hogu lvl 11 problem

hello everyone i have recieved yesterday the daily sing in reward of 600 days the hogu lvl 11 . when i used the chest that contain it i didn't  found it in my backpack help plz :'(:'(:'(

Shiki_fujin Publish time 2016-9-3 09:04:38

uhm no chest in item, no in hogu? i don't remember if u have it in hogu or chest random.... :(

Gensei_chan Publish time 2016-9-3 15:33:41

Edited by Gensei_chan at 2016-9-3 21:34

by any chance, isn't your backback full?
did you check the temporary tab?

if I remember well, it's in a chest
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